Second Chance Youth Outreach was founded in 2011 by Miguel Mendez, a former gang member who grew up in one the of the most prominent gangs in California. He moves to Florida to start his own gang, and after two close calls with death, he turned his life around. He started working with gang members in the Miami area, visiting them at the juvenile detention centers and mentoring them.

After years working as a mentor for youth gang members, Mr. Mendez realized that there was a great need for a larger mentoring program which would include supportive housing where young gang members could get clothing, food, and anything else they needed, as well as a place to go after they get out of jail so they can avoid going back to their troubled neighborhoods. Then they could figure out what to do with their lives from there. This is Mr. Mendez's ultimate aim for Second Chance- supportive housing for former gang members.

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